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Advances in Information Technology From Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality
Volume: Book :: Advances in Information Technology From Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality
Publishing Date: 11/13/2011

The International Conference on Information Technology ICIT 2011 is a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications in all areas of Information Technology. ICIT 2011 will include presentations of contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by well-known invited keynote speakers. Moreover, the program will include 3 pre-conference sessions, 4 workshops and tutorials on hot areas of Information Technology.


About the author:
Dr. Al-Dahoud, is an associated professor at Al-Zaytoonah University, Amman, Jordan. He took his High Diploma form FON University Belgrade 1986, PhD from La Sabianza1/Italy and Kiev Polytechnic/Ukraine, on 1996. He worked at Al-Zaytoonah University since 1996 until now. He worked as visiting professor in many universities in Jordan and Middle East, as supervisor of master and PhD degrees in computer science. He established the ICIT conference since 2003 and he is the program chair of ICIT until now. He was the Vice President of the IT committee in the ministry of youth/Jordan, 2005, 2006. Al-Dahoud was the General Chair of (ICITST-2008), June 23-28, 2008, Dublin, Ireland (www.icitst.org). 

He has directed and led many projects sponsored by NUFFIC/Netherlands, and Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

His hobby is conference organization, so he participates in the following conferences as general chair, International Chair, program chair, session's organizer or in the publicity committee:


Journals Activities: Al-Dahoud worked as Editor in Chief or guest editor or in the Editorial board of the following Journals: 
Journal of Digital Information Management, IAJIT, Journal of Computer Science, Int. J. Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, and UBICC.
He published many books and journal papers, and participated as keynote speaker in many conferences worldwide.

International Conference on Information Technology

Authored by Dr. Ali Al-Dahoud 
This book includes the extended copy of best select papers that has been accepted and published in ICIT 11 that has been held in Al-Zaytoonah University/ Jordan in the period May 11-13, 2011. The book includes also papers from other conferences with the same topics as ICIT11.




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 Title: Advances in Information Technology from AI to Virtual Reality
 Author(s): Dr. Ali Al-Dahoud
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