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Special Issue of 2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering (ICIE 2010)
2/6/2010 9:40:59 AM

Special Issue of  2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering (ICIE 2010)

UBICC, the Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal [ISSN 1992-8424], is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. With a world-wide membership, UBICC is a leading resource for computing professionals and students working in the various fields of Information Technology, and for interpreting the impact of information technology on society.


2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering (ICIE 2010) will be held on 14-15 August, 2010 in Beidaihe, China. It provides two days focus on the science and technology that are the basis for the information science and engineering. The first International Conference on Information Engineering was successfully held in Shanxi from July 10th to 11th, 2009. About 200 experts in information engineering from the world attended this conference. Building on its great successes in 2009, the 2010 WASE International Conference on Information Engineering (ICIE 2010) continues to focus on the complementary and synergistic aspects of established fields such as Services Science, Bioinformatics, Mobile Wireless Network, Advanced Intelligence and Pervasive Computing, which are expected to contribute to the further development of the information engineering. Concurrent sessions and a poster session will cover a wide range of topics and issues, including both contributed papers and special sessions developed on specific themes.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:


Service Science 

Foundations of Service Science
Service System Modeling & Analysis
Service Design and Planning
Service Quality and Operation Management
?IT Service Management
Service Economy
Service Development
Service Delivery and Operation
Service Computing
Service Science Education and Curricula Design
Adaptation and Learning
Affective Computing

Multiple Sequence Alignment
Sequence Analysis
Motif Finding
Recognition of Genes and Functional Elements
RNA Analysis
Physical and Genetic Mapping
Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
Protein Structure Analysis
Microarray Design and Data Analysis
Deep Sequencing Data Processing
Transcriptome, Gene Expression
Proteomics and Post-Translational Modifications
Pathways, Networks and Systems
Databases and Data Integration
Biomedical Literature Mining and Understanding
Population Genetics, SNP and Haplotyping
Comparative Genomics
Study on cell metabolic network
Integration of biomedical knowledge
Biomedical Data Mining
Bioinformatics miRNA in plant research of the application
Bioinformatics Status and Prospects
Mobile Wireless Network 

Multiple Access Techniques
Cognitive and Cooperative MAC
MAC for Mesh, Ad Hoc, Relay and Sensor Networks
Network Information Theory
Radio Resource Management and Allocation, Scheduling
Cross-Layer Design, Cross-Layer Security
Congestion and Admission Control
Software Defined Radio, RFID
B3G/4G Systems, WiMAX, WLAN, WPAN
Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications
Context and Location-Aware Wireless Services and Applications
Wireless Telemedicine and e-Health Services
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Cognitive Radio and Sensor-Based Applications
Content Distribution in Wireless Home Environment
Wireless Emergency and Security Systems
Service Oriented Architectures, Service Portability
SIP Based Services, Multimedia, QoS Support, Middleware
Innovative User Interfaces, Peer-to-Peer Services for Multimedia
Dynamic Services, Autonomic Services
Regulations, Standards, Spectrum Management
Test-Bed and Prototype Implementation of Wireless Services
Personalization, Service Discovery, Profiles and Profiling
Advanced Intelligence 

Adaptation and Learning
Affective Computing, Autonomic Computing and Biological Computing
Agents and Multi-agent Systems
Artificial Emotion and Artificial Psychology
Brain and Mind Models
Brain-Computer Interface
Business Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Coordinative Intelligence
Cognitive Informatics
Complex Systems
Constraint Satisfaction
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Distributed Intelligence, Web Intelligence
Evolutionary Algorithms and Systems
Fuzzy Logic and other forms of Logic
Hybrid Artificial and Natural Intelligence
Information Retrieval and Extraction
Information-knowledge-Intelligence Transform
Integrated Intelligence Theory & Application
Intelligent Foundations of Computing
Memory model
Model-based Systems
Natural Language Processing & Understanding
Pattern Recognition
Planning and Scheduling
Semantic Web
Soft-Computing and Rough Set

Pervasive Computing  

Parallel Computing, Cluster Computing and Heterogeneous Computing
Mobile Computing, Web Computing, Supercomputing and Grid Computing
Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing
Parallel Programming, Distributed Shared Memory
Embedded Systems, Real-Time Systems and Parallel I/O Systems
Communication and Synchronization Protocols
Distributed Algorithms and Architectures, their Analysis and Complexity
Distributed Operating Systems, Middleware, Databases
Experiments and Performance Measurements in Distributed Systems
Fault-tolerance, Self-stabilization, Autonomic Computing
High Performance, Cluster and Grid Computing
Multiprocessor and Multi-core Architectures and Algorithms
Security in Distributed Systems
Shared and Transactional Memory, Concurrent Programming
Specification, Debugging, and Verification of Distributed Systems
Embedded distributed systems and Web-based Systems
Distributed opportunistic computing

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General Chairs
Qiu, R.B, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Zhao H, Taiyuan University of Technology, China

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