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Announcement # Qualification Position Available Deadline

Currently no position is open.

Application Guide
 To apply for the position, please send all necessary documents to job@www.ubicc.org

Step 1. Submit your application materials
            The materials to submit for application
              1) Cover Letter
              2) Curriculum -Vitae: 1 copy
              3) Undergraduate and graduate transcripts: 1copy
              4) Certificate of degree: 1 paper copy
              5) Recommendation letter from your professors or managers: 1copy
              6) Last degree dissertation, published papers: 1 copy each
              7) Self- introduction statement: 1copy

Step 2. Evaluation of Qualifications

Step 3. Interview
Pay, Benefit, Compensation
  • Salary is contingent upon review of the selected candidate's qualifications.
  • Incentive to the project team
  • Medical Benefits
  • 5 working days a week.
  • 2-year dormitory or apartment housing provided upon employment.
    (* Note: Depending on availability of housing and/or qualifications.)
  • 12 days paid vacation (per year) provided
Contact Us
For further information, Please call or e-mail :
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