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What reference style should I use?


References should be indicated in the text by consecutive numbers in square brackets, as [1], [2] etc.
All references should appear together at the end of the paper. The full references are cited in a numbered list of the following style:
In cases of journals
[1] J. M. Davis: Simplified Diaphragm Analysis, Journal of Structural Div., ASCE, Vol. 103, pp. 2098-2109 (1977).
In cases of books
[2] F. R. Shanley: Basic Structures, John Willey & Sons Inc., pp. 291-314 (1947)
Authors are allowed to use such abbreviations of academic societies as ACI, ASCE, ASTM, CEB, ISO, RILEM, WCEE, JCI, JSCE, AIJ


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