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UbiCC Editorial Offices


UbiCC is headquartered in Sherbrook, Canada. Three branch offices are located in China (two in Beijing, one in Wuhan). The in-house staff consists of Managing Editors, Assistant Editors, Production Editors, English Editors, Copyeditors, Data Specialists, Software Engineers and Administrative Specialists. Except for most English Editors, all are employed by UbiCC and its subsidiaries and work at the UbiCC offices. Our collaborating editors on our Editorial Boards are typically employed at academic institutions or corporate research facilities located all over the world. The contact with the inhouse editorial staff is mainly by e-mail, in some cases by telephone or postal mail. The in-house editorial staff normally work for several journals related to their educational background. Assistant Editors usually process manuscripts through the peer-review and production procedures; Managing Editors have the editorial responsibility for the journals; Production Editors, English Editors, Copyeditors and Data Specialists are responsible for putting accepted content into a publishable format (full-text PDF, XML and HTML versions).

Contact information such as e-mail and postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, can be found at 


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