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Editorial Process, Peer-Review and Production


All articles submitted to UbiCC journals are subject to strict peer-reviewing (half-blind peer-review, i.e. the reviewers know the authors’ identities, but the authors do not know the reviewers’ identities). The UbiCC online submission system incorporates online tools for manuscript submission, peer-reviewing and editorial decision making. The reviewers and external editors will not need to have an account with the UbiCC submission system in order to finish the tasks assigned to them. Rather, the system will recognize the reviewers and external editors through one-time usable IDs in the URLs. 

The Instructions for Authors on the website of each UbiCC journal guides authors on how to prepare and submit their manuscripts. Once a manuscript is submitted, the submission is received by the inhouse Managing Editor who will subsequently coordinate the whole editorial process for the manuscript: peer-review, decision-making, possible authors’ revision, manuscript acceptance, copyediting, English editing, proofreading and final publication. An in-house Assistant Editor will be assigned to the submitted article and will send review requests to a number of peers. A sufficient number of review reports will be collected—at least two reports per manuscript; three reports in those cases where the first two review reports differ heavily. In case of minor revisions, the Editorial Office will send a request for revisions directly to the authors, before requesting the final decision from an external editor. In case of major revisions, the paper will undergo a second round of peer-review after the authors’ revisions. Finally, the collected review reports and the revised version of the manuscript will be forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief or the Guest Editor for the final decision-making (on acceptance or rejection of a manuscript). Rejected manuscripts are generally not reconsidered again. After acceptance of an article for publication, the in-house editorial staff will organize the production of the paper, which entails copyediting, English editing and final production in preparation for publication on the Internet. All journals are structured in yearly volumes and either monthly or quarterly issues. Nevertheless, articles will be published online right after their acceptance and production to allow for an immediate dissemination.


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